As Time Passes You By

♥Happy Valentines Day!♥

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[COLOR=Lime][SIZE=2]Well its that day of the year where people show others how much they love them!!
Isn't it wonderful?
Well I wanted to give you guys a card! and since I can't actually give you a real one,
I made one on the computer!!
Hope you like it!


Fixed the Card and thx Fuzzy306 for telling me!
Hope everyone has had a Wonderful Valentines Day with their Valentine!

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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Thank you for making us that card (: A suggestion is going to photobucket, upload it, and then resize it.
  2. Vanessa Blueriver's Avatar
    happy valenties day to you to!
  3. alia nightheart 525's Avatar
    happy late valentines day!! :D