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Merry Finals and a Jolly School Year!

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Happy finals everyone! I had my first one (English) on Friday and I have four more... Yay. I feel like I'm not really preparing myself very well, but I dunno really know what really more to do. I'm a nervous wreck on top of being slightly sick... I think it's bronchitis.

Christmas, one of my least favorite holidays, is around the corner. The only use in Christmas is the vacation in my opinion. But to each his own.


I posted around today, read through some threads, etc. and feel a little annoyed, to be frank. Me, trying to be as nice as possible, in order to get to know some of these new members was met with fairly, hmm, cruel response. This isn't a teen drama guys.

No worries though, I know who to avoid now. Am I the only one getting a little negative response...? Seems like everywhere people are posting for gems. I mean, posting for gems is fine, but post with actual content. No one cares if you don't contribute to the discussion.

I guess if you tell someone that they're posting for gems, they'll get all mean in your face--whoops, my bad. I feel rambly and like I'm talking to myself. In retro spec, I am. To finish off this confusing thought, I told someone not to contribute if they didn't want to read through the whole post. They were like, "i did read through the whole post.. [yada yada]. THANKS JAS." *shivers... no capital letters to begin sentences* Catty much, huh? I'm sure they're a nice person, I hope.

I'm very interested in the new Central social scene. As a fan of recreational psychology and what not, I find it really interesting to observe how Central as a society as developed over the few months where I hadn't observed it. Even now, I don't observe as much as I used to. But nonetheless am absorbing this new 'vive'. [Gee that was a long end note.]

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