Brittany Pierce

Semester Exam

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[COLOR="Cyan"]Bleh. I failed my Aadvanced math semester exam. :(
52/100. F. The big fat F.
I thought I knew what I was doing. She had to put piece wise functions on the test. :(
Well at least I pass the semester with a C.
On a side note, Christmas vacation has started! :d

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Updated 12-18-12 at 11:12:48 AM by Brittany Pierce



  1. Astraes's Avatar
    That's alright I got a 56 on mine. ._.
    I swore I knew what I was doing :/
  2. Brittany Pierce's Avatar
    Yea, don't we all. Even the smartest person in the class, an Asian, got a 49. I did better than her. O.o
  3. Astraes's Avatar
    Ouch..I still get my credit though :D
  4. Varus's Avatar
    HA what are these exams you speak of? I'm in 8th grade NO EXAMS!