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Wish You Were Here

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You are all probably wondering why I sent you a pm or vm and asked you to read this blog entry of mine.

Well, unless your a good friend on mine I don't tell alot of people what I am going through as of right now. My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 6 years ago. She was only 58 years old. She was forced to retire, she was incapable of doing her job since Alzheimer's affects her mind and made her forget what was normal and everyday to her.

My father,brother and I came to the decision that we should all live together to take care of her. We all worked full time jobs. Well this is how it went my brother and I would work in the day then I got home first and would take care of mum with my brother and my dad would go to work.

These last couple years took a turn for the worst. My mum had a stroke and her neurologist after the stroke said she had finally become a Dementia patient. Dementia is the last stage before death with a dementia patient. There brain starts to literally die in small parts until it kills them.

Last winter, mum was hospitalized she got extrememly violent and was just off. We found out she had diabetes now and has to be on insulin everyday. We were also told she was so far gone in her disease that it will not be much longer before she passes. She is only 62 years old!

This summer she was hopsitalized for 22 days. She was a wreck afterwards and I have taken a break from being active in the community until about 3 weeks ago because she takes all my time and energy.

I am used to doing hatch threads and being very active in the community. I found though this return for hatching threads is way too much work for me to handle. I work everyday except weekends full time with 2 jobs. I take care of my mother with my father and brother. She cannot do one thing herself that is how far gone she is. I am completely overwhelmed with all these hatches.

I have never stopped or not finished a hatch thread but I hope you understand I am way out of my comfort zone here with all the responsibilites that I do have. I will take care of my mother and I decided to close both threads and leave them wherever I was in them because I just can't possibly keep up with them and be sane. So you will only see me for hatches if you sign up for a max stats thread hatch. If you do sign up for a max stats hatch and I thank your post you will be hatching with me.

I cannot begin to say how sorry I am to stop a thread before I finished it, like I said its never happened before. If I do decide to help people with a pet they would like on a hatch thread. I am going to limit it to only 2 people, that way I can keep my sanity. I have been going to bed around 11 or midnight just so I could farm for these hatches and I have to be awake at 6am so very much tired, exhausted and mentally drained.

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  1. jacobspirit's Avatar
    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST 8( its no worry this game means nothing when compared with family 8( so sorry if there is anything i can do plz ask 8(
  2. adamrocks224's Avatar
    My best wishes are with your family. I have a friend whose basically like family to me and his father was just diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I know how you feel. I give you my best wishes
  3. Alric Ravensinger's Avatar
    We wish you the best. I am not gonna sugar coat it nor do I expect you to believe me if I did, harder times are ahead. almost 2 years ago my Grandfather, Frank, got Dementia as well. He was Diabetic as well. It all started from an infected gash on his knee. Anyway, me, my mother, and my step father took care of him. My grandfather has been dead a little over a year now. He was 67 yrs old. Sometimes it's gonna be very hard but never give up, and don't let the end bring you down, cause it's never really the end. Our parents live on through us, their children, and grandchildren.
  4. tiger3039's Avatar
    You are stronger than you know Erin, you and your family have each other to lean on and give understanding and support. Even though your mom may not be able to express it I am sure she is thankful to have you all watching over her and helping her. I have an autistic son and sometimes we have such challenges to overcome that there have been moments of feeling very helpless. Throughout my journey as a daughter and as a mom I have learned the power of prayer, community, family, and positivity. Stay positive and supportive of each other, your family will make it through this.
  5. wizmichel's Avatar
    We support you and your decision 100% Erin. At the end of the day this is just a game and for you to offer your time (hatching is expensive) to help others get the pet they want and offer re hatches if they dont get it is a great act of selflessness on your part. Play the game so YOU enjoy it and love your mom with the time you have left with her.

  6. Ryan1205's Avatar
    Erin, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your family and your own sanity must come first. The daily emotional turmoil is enough without worrying about meeting hatch requests. As WizMichel states, this is just a game and if it is more stress for you, than a break is what you need. Maintain this only if you can use it to provide an escape and stress relief. In time, the game will still be here, and so will we. Stay strong!