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WOW! 5th generation pokemon!

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I searched on by typing in pokemon and all of a sudden i came across a video that showed this pokemon:

They said tht this pokemon will be featured on the next video game in the pokemon series, and the next movie. They hope that this game will be available around-the-world withen a year (btw this was on pokemon sunday, a show about pokemon in japan). You can also get more info on the 5th generation pokemon thread.


  1. cooldude49's Avatar
    number one. the fifth generation is totally fake they just made them up on the spot if you search more about that you will find that you have not seen a single pokemon the same as another person knowing about the fifth generation. number two. the next games are coming out in march there called pokemon heartgold and soulsilver you go back to the hoenn region i believe and you find the fourth generation pokemon and the second generation pokemon if you dont believe me you can actually reserve your own copy right now. number three. never believe these tricks these people use action replay gameshark ect.
  2. Cosmos's Avatar
    1. Pokemon Sunday has been on Japan for years, so i think the creators would have taken some sort of action to something they didn't approve.

    2. I never said they were the next games, i said next games in the series, and im well aware about the HH and SS premeir but you are incorrect. It takes you back to the johto region (favorite) not the hoenn region. And what does that have to do with it?

    3. I don't think that people with action replays can alter peoples movements and sounds without making it look fake anyways.

    Sorry if i sound rude but just because you think something doesn't give you the right to know something, that you probrobly haven't researched.
  3. cooldude49's Avatar
    Just researched right now yes you are correct my sincerest apologies there is a new pokemon movie coming out in july which features one of the fifth generation pokemon!! Though none names are confirmed and i hope they are still really original cause i dont want nintendo to lose there special touch
  4. Cosmos's Avatar
    It's fine, we all make mistakes, in fact i made a big one today.
  5. Cosmos's Avatar
    WOW after searching through many sites in japanese (which i cannot read at all) i found a picture of the mystery pokemon:
  6. duganrainfriend's Avatar
    thats the picture of that pokemon cosmo showed
  7. duganrainfriend's Avatar
    it might not be a fake