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Win a Pirate101 Ninja Pig companion!

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
Write about why you like this magazine! Write what you like about the mag as a whole, a section you may like the best! Also, if you have an idea, please add anything you would like to see in the magazine! We will pick a random post (has to be more than 3 sents, but don't write an essay!) and the winner will be notified through PM with their code. Good luck!

Please place all entries in the comments!

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  1. H3CKHOUND's Avatar
    I really like this magazine because its not the typical boring magazine which is filled with useless information. This magazine includes interesting topics like the new world Azteca, new spells, details about Pirate101, etc. My personal favorite section was Behind The Scenes Of Wizard101. This magazine doesn't rush through details, it takes time to explain everything, which makes things easier to understand. This magazine also has polls and artwork contests which is fun for readers to enter in. I think this magazine is good and one thing i think you should add is a Top 10 Jokes section where readers can send in Wizard101 or Pirate101 jokes and the best 10 jokes will be posted in the magazine.
  2. jayson28's Avatar
    i like this magazine because it keeps you up to date on whatever is happening within the spiral. it is not all business, has combination of news and games. it is well organized and easy to find what your looking for.
  3. BreckenSpiritBlade23's Avatar
    I like this magazine because it's very informative. It keeps me informed on pretty much everything. It's an awesome tool to use when I play W101 and P101 :D
  4. R3VOLT97's Avatar
    i like this magazine beacuse it keeps me up to date on whatever is happening in both KI games.It is organized and informative
  5. CBovvet's Avatar
    I'm brand new to Pirate101. It wasn't a game that I thought I would like. But I kept an open mind and I love the game! There is so much here than I thought.

    Thanks to your magazine I can get my info and get caught up. Being new, there is lots of miscellaneous info I don't know. Its hard for other players to fill me in on this new Universe I am now a part of b/c they are new and don't care or they take it for granted.

    So glad you guys are here . The only thing I'd like to see is to make weekly installments haha. Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work.