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[CENTER]Yay, another one. Just cause I haven't made it in awhile.
This one is about the new Azteca spells. The Azteca world will be a whole nother review, but everyone has heard of these spells already, so, you know. Why not? I want to voice my opinion anyways cause these spells are uber controversial.


Lets start with the Rhino. I call OP on that. 1,000 damage and make the enemy lose 3 pips? I can see it now; double immunity, good damage, and pip losing. I'm actually surprised the PvP users didn't really highly rebel over this spell. Maybe it's just me. The animation is really good though, if I say so myself. Most of the animations are, but this is one of the better.
Grade: B-


Okay. Kingsisle. Let me spell it out for you, because you might not get us.
M-Y-T-H spells Myth.
N-E-E-D-S spells needs.
A spells A.
A-o-E spells AoE.
K? Why thank you. The effects all in all aren't bad but in Review #20, I mentioned when KI listens to us at one point and blatantly annoys us by ignoring us on stuff that's [B]actually necessary.[/B] The animation is the best of the spells but that's no excuse for not making this an AoE. Effect-wise, I'd give this 4 stars, but just cause it's not an AoE, I'm knocking it down a letter grade.
Grade: B


Some Balance don't like this spell but I love it. Balance needed a nice strong one hit for awhile. They don't like the Spirit Shield side effect but I think it's nice. I like how it can be tactically used, and where it's not as situational as Gnomes! from last spells.


I want. This. You can get 2,000 just by using Colossal, maybe not even. It's also balanced in the fact that it's 10 pips and has no side effects.


Sure? I mean, okay. It's similar to Sun Serpent butttt whatever. It's really just [I]okaay.[/I] I can't explain it...


Love love love. Life needed a DoT! I originally thought this was a uber bad spell cause of it's original effect but this buff just made me really love this spell. It's great now, balanced cause it's a DoT and has no side effect.


You know, in regards to the complaints about this...
"Cindy! The biz is up! Another Fire wizard complained about a good spell! 50 Myth wizards complain about AoE's with little coverage, but the whole community has to stop for one spell supposedly down a well."
[Props if you know what this references even though it's slightly obvious.]
This is a good spell! It's like an Efreet and Meteor Strike in one spell. Colossal makes this really good, esentially 1,300 on one enemy and 300 to the others. I don't know why people hate this spell so much, I think it's one of the better ones.

Yay 2 reviews up in one day. I think I'll sleep now.[/CENTER]

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  1. ~Sunny~'s Avatar
    This was a really helpful post. Thank you (:

    P.S. You should post a thread for it.... it would be popular.
  2. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    Thanks for reading! Unfortunately a mod PM'ed me saying to limit the reviews in my blog.

    (sort of late reply )
  3. ~Sunny~'s Avatar
    Too bad the mods didn't like it... it would have been good.

    (don't really mind the late reply xD)
  4. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    Lol, I thought it was getting a tiny bit popular, until they saddened me by saying put it in your blog xD

    (thanks :3)