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Where can I even begin. I can't count the number of Hoards KI released this year. I really dislike them even though KI makes them for profit. (For those who want to contradict me, I will deny each and every one.) I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS PACK. Particularly. WAHHH.
Excuse me.


Now. Lets look at the content. *brrgh.*
You know, one of the really only good things about this pack is this adorable, fuzzy wuzzy cute wittle thing. Hatch list; you're number one little thing.


Oh, excuse me, I was getting a little to happy. I remember what the jackpot is, getting the three spells again.


I hate when KI offers spells in Hoards. It's especially money wasting when ther'es like a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of getting the spell you want. Sure, you can get a spell, but noooo, it's not school specific. (I wanted a Luminous Weaver...) The spells aren't even so good anyways. Ironically, Luminous Weaver's is terrible. It weakes your damage and has a weaker damage than Seraph. (roflzomgsochaguedideiaKingzizlez.) Keeper of the Flame is slightly useless. And Brimstone Revenant has the most boring effect since Imp.

Oh, excuse me, I was getting just a bid sad. I should be enragingly irritated. Lets look upon what they have to offer for the gear.


Yes... okay... Decent looking gear, nice and wizardy. (Sort of glad there's a wizard looking clothing set.) Ugly wand... eww, um, though decent effects not really good, rather try my luck for a Mandolin... okay... oh okay good no damage gear, wait wait a second. I was reading through the list and remember that Life can now get a 60+% resist. I'm Life, but say wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?

I really can care less about the gear for other schools. But this for Life is really sort of OP in 1v1. Why?
+ They can still get good heal boosts +
+ They don't focus on damage, yet with boosts they can manage good hits +
+ Mix this with high universal resist... +

[B]Ding ding ding. Detected OPness.[/B]

KI, I hope you know we're raging on you for unbalancing the game. It's like you listen to us on one day and then the other, you're like, "You know what? I don't really feel like listening to things that are really obvious. Lets make something that makes no sense and unbalances the game." ("Yeah good idea John.") I know I said before that GS was a little useless, but now GS in PvP skyrockets in OPness mostly because they'd be harder to kill.

Oh, and instead of making new spells, they used re-old templates for "new spells" in TC's. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And then there's that extra stuff that makes people angry.

And then here's my grade.

Boo you Kingsisle. This hoard was so baddd.

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  1. DustyCat's Avatar

    FEAR THE FUZZY CI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    (Hey, I haven't seen you in awhile :3)

    The Tiger is epic <3