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Today Was Good

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Today was the day I held a guitar! I'm just kidding, I've held one before, but didn't know some stuff. I learned some guitar stuff today, yay! Pretty exciting since I've always wanted to learn how to play guitar. It was a very good lesson, need lots and lots of practice. and patience. Um... yeah that's basically it.

Oh! As some of you may know, I take the metro (public) bus home. Well, it didn't went too well. I was walking to the bus stop when I saw the bus near the bus stop so I was in hurry that I didn't notice what bus # was it. I rode the 50 bus (I'm suppose to take the 128). In the junction (that's where 50, 55, 128 heads to and then they'll split out and go somewhere else) Instead of going right, the bus went straight ahead so I thought the bus was just taking a reroute (happened one time) Then 3 blocks later, I realize that it's not the bus I'm suppose to take. So I went off the next stop.

After that, I needed to walk back 4 blocks (I know it's not very much, but mind you I was hungry and tired) and exactly when I am near the junction again, the 128 bus turned right. I was pretty mad but I couldn't do anything so I just waited for the next bus and I needed to wait for 40 minutes. Eh, I guess the walking part was a good exercise. Pretty much the 2 interesting things that happened today. Thank you for reading and have a good night, or morning, or afternoon.


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