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My Monday Entry

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[SIZE=2]Since I forgot to post an entry on the weekend, I'll do it now.
Sooooo, to start off, I'm not going to school Tuesday since I have check-up. Yay! That's the good thing. Bad thing is we have a Spanish quiz tomorrow. Yes, I know, I can take it Wednesday. Uh, there's no bad news there. Bad news is, Wednesday, we have a unit exam on our history, grrr! on top of that, I will need to make up homeworks so my homework will be doubled on Wednesday, oh well. I'll change the topic.

As you may know, I take bus to go home. Actually, you just knew that, but anyways, I was already standing right in front of the bus and already beeped my pass when the driver suddenly told me to get off cause it's too full. That's right! He couldn't even let one person get on the bus because he said it's too full when in reality, I believe there is still a space for one more person. Ugh!!!! Whatever, it already happened. Moving onward, after I got home, I went to the computer right away, like a lazy pig that I am. Oh well, my life isn't interesting at all.

Guess that's all for now, I'd make this much longer but hey, what can I say, I don't have an interesting life. Have a good day!



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