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Hmm... It's Been A While, Huh?

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Hey everyone! It's been a while. Since when did I last post on this blog? Last month? Well, it feels like longer.Anyways, my first day of high school wasn't as bad as I thought. It was actually kinda fun. I won't tell you what happened cause it would just bore you reading it. So yeah, freshmen is going good so far, there's some hard home work, which I am doing right now, uh, well not right now now, but later.

I'm taking Spanish this year and I can tell you how cool it is learning a new language! Although you need to memorize them, it's still fun. I have this funny, yet somewhat strict History teacher. He's my favorite teacher this year. For Algebra, I have this very strict teacher, luckily I got switch out so now my Algebra teacher is like Hurley from Lost. No kidding! He reminds me of Hurley! That's a good thing too, ok? There's not much to say in LA9 and Health except that the teachers are nice. Biology? Uh, I can't explain it... It's like a mix of excitingness and interestness but with a hint of boringness, but yeah, other than that Biology is cool. This first two weeks of highschool really feels like 3 months! I don't know why, but I know some of you already felt like that, I know, don't lie!

That's all for now I guess, there's nothing much to talk about Wizard101 since I'm taking a break. Oh and my gold membership for xbox ended so that means I can't play CoD Muiltiplayer. :( Oh well. If I bored then I'm sorry :erf:... but if it didn't then good! :thumbup: Alright that's all for now, hope you guys have a good day! :)


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