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[SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello.
Remember Chelsea from yesterday? Yeah, earlier this afternoon I got into a fight with her. Not really a fight, but something like, disagreeing. We were talking about her clothes (in wizard101) when I said (the cause of the fight...) "Your shoes doesn't match your outfit." (Who knew simple phrase like that could start a fight?) Well, she started disagreeing and it got a little out of hand. She got mad, I got mad. I probably shouldn't got mad. She then said, "Stop talking to me."

I can't handle it! I wanna talk to her, but she'll probably yell. I'll try tomorrow, I guess. Best thing to do too is to apologize, which I will do tomorrow when I say hi to her (if she is on, that is.) She'll always still be my best best best best buddy though, just need to give her time.


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  1. FieryPie352's Avatar
    I don't exactly understand how someone can get mad at a comment like that on a kids' game for crying out loud.... But still, sometimes it's best to apologize when you didn't really do anything that bad. :/ I wish you luck :D XD