Wii Wi-fi Games Question, and other misc.

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Well, after wondering forever on how to do it.. I finally figured out my code thingy for Brawl! If you want it, just VM or PM me asking for it, and I shall PM it back to ya.

So, are there any other good games that I can play online?

Ones that I know:
AC:City Folk

I know alot.. lol

On to other misc!

Well, today it rained. A lot.. so I was stuck indoors . But, it's Sunday, so I'll live. School is coming up soon(the 25th for me), I'll be entering my first year of high school. Yah! School supply shopping should be very soon(I hope). And then, you got the shoe shopping, clothes shopping, backpack shopping(mine ripped at the end of last year ), uh.. locker decoration shopping if your a girl? LOL.

What day does your school start? Are you looking forward to it?

My Myth wizard has legally gone to Kroktopia! Okay, not yet. He still has to do Sunken City, Gloria's quest, Colossus Boulevard(the WHOLE thing, ughh).

Except me to be at Lenora's 2nd party today, so if you wanna talk to me on W101, I'll be there!

(P.S: I'm not too great at Brawl, I was.. but I just started playing today after quite some time, I'll be better soon)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. John IceBlade's Avatar
    My school starts 19th maybe? Oh and how do i use wifi? It wont let me when i click the wifi connection button in Brawl.
  2. $eth's Avatar
    Do you have a wireless or wired connection?

    I have wireless, so it works fine. Idk why yours won't work..
  3. Heroboy102's Avatar
    Well do you like Naruto or James Bond? There is going to be a awesome naruto game coming out called Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. Its the first naruto game to be able to play online on the Wii. Also, There is a 007 game that you can go online on, its fun.
  4. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    I used to play Brawl on wi-fi. Now I only playon i when requested. I love the Earthbound boys.

    My schools starts the 24th(why do you start on a tuesday?). It will be my final year of high school. In a way I am excited, but I also wish I had like another 2 months of summer. :P

    Still need to do all the shopping, just cannot do much until I get my schedule picked up. I wish teachers would include a list of needed supplies when you get your schedule rather than tell you the first week of school, after stores are low in stock and sales are gone.
  5. John IceBlade's Avatar
    Idk and I asked my mom but she doesnt know th 1st thing about tech stuff.