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Deer Knight and Tag Challange: Garden Plots Ready to go

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Well I got my 37 plot gardens ready on my myth and my death wizards. I am going to plant some of my king parsley soon so that i can get more via harvests. Not gonna plant my Red Bell Pepper or White Tiger lily just yet becuase they wont be elder by the time I fly back home to asia. I also am going to plant my only key lime so that i get more because they are good for leveling wizards in gardening.

Central Contests have been announced today. I worked an hour on my dorm entry today. If I win any crowns they will be used to buy some evil magma peas. I am also gonna try to win the trivia contest and get some of that amber lol.

I managed to finish crafting all my weapon racks this morning. Wish I had more crafting slots though so I would have crafted them faster lol. So far I have everything I need for the broken jail cells but the scrap iron. I need 55 more then I will have everything i need to finish those.

Here is what i have for Deer Knight and Tag

Deer Knight

Deer Knight Tc 6/6
Perfect Onyx 100/100
Ghost Fire 200/200
Blood Moss 100/100
Bone 100/100
Spring 50/50
Sunstone 50/50
Amber 0/12


Extraordinary Tc 1/4
Perfect Periodite 1/4
Pristine Vial 0/3
Sunstone 13/13
Amber 0/10
Weapon Racks 10/10
Broken Jail Cells 0/8
Carousel 0/1

Going to buy the single reagents soon for tag.