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Sorry about the lack of posts

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I was so focused on the game I forgot about this blog lol. Well I felt like crying today because i have 2 weeks of summer left and I'm going into highschol :I not very fun.

But ANYWAY in pet news the nightwalker that got defy at teen got may cast disarm at adult which FINALLY means i have a nightwalker with 2 of the talents i want. However is got sharp shot at ancient which makes it a fail. HAtched for another though and at teen it got disarm so this one looks good to.

Well idk if i have been saying it but I have been crafting deer knight. I have everything i need now except the amber which i wil get to gardening for soon.

Also while I am getting the amber i need for deer knight I decided a couple mins ago to start crafting the tag game. I'm gonna start a blog segmant called: Deer Knight and Tag Challange. Should be fun.

Also the OLLYMPICS. So Inspired because I am a swimmer and i am going to work hard irl to get faster and build muscle.

See ya around guys!

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  1. Maya's Avatar
    D:< I'm staring Highschool too. I'm not looking forward to waking up at 5am. Anyways, good luck with your pet! c:
  2. Fairy099's Avatar
    If ya work hard you'll make it to the Olympics.