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Start of PvP

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So I finally broke down and started to PvP. I am using my Ice wizard who is currently level 38. I started today, and had my first 10 matches. To my pleasant surprise, I had all good experiences thus far. My tenth match was against a Warlord. He was disappointed he lost, but he took it graciously. Hopefully it will continue to be a surprise and contradict what I hear about the people in the arena, but I am sure that I will run across the occasional bad apple. After all those appear no matter where you go.

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  1. stix619's Avatar
    Wow, your good. My Death played about 15 matches, and he got 6-7.
  2. Challenge's Avatar
    Glad to see more people trying out the arena, and that is a nice record so far, I don't think my Adept Ice did that well starting off xD. Also glad to here you haven't run into the bad people of the arena, maybe your skill scared them off :P Have fun PvPing!

  3. Olivia Firerunner's Avatar
    Wow! Your good at PvP like my brother. I'm never really good at PvP.