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My New Desert Villa

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[FONT=Century Gothic][B]Right on the same day of my Summer Bash, I bought my new castle! It was a complete act of coincidence, since today there is another party. We needed a place to host it, and now we have one! I can't believe it, it's perfect and came at the best time (:[/B][/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic][B]It's beautiful, and one of the most enormous castles (: It took me a good 10 minutes to find all the different hallways and secret passage ways. It's a castle of mystery (:[/B][/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic][B]Here are some pictures![/B][/FONT]
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  1. Chris Ironthorn's Avatar
    Wow nice. Congrats :D
  2. Darkness and Light's Avatar
    about your next party what if we arent your friend, do we meet up with you?
  3. TwilightCrystalz's Avatar
    We will meet at WA. (MB Spiral Chamber).
    Then, we will port.

    Please check the thread for details.
  4. Lady Shy's Avatar
    Nice. I got this same house a week or so ago :P Fun house, imo
  5. TwilightCrystalz's Avatar
    Haha yeah xD It's got the nicest scenery, imo :P.