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A Winded Winter in Mooshu?!

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Hi Friends! It has been a while since I updated my blog, AGAIN. But onto this week's topic. As I'm sure you all have heard by now, there are now TWO bundles at large. The Pagoda Bundle, and the Majestic Bundle. The Majestic Bundle should be flowing into stores nationwide, while the Pagoda Bundle is just playing hide and seek. Myself personally, I sure want to see that Run Run Rickshaw. When Kingsisle will finally release that thing remains a mystery to me. I had a big fat awesome house party (Foster's Reference ;) ) on Wednesday, and I even had trouble getting everyone out of there. I left for dinner (which must have taken AT LEAST an hour), and the house was STILL full! I tried to have my friend RowanSparkle port, but she got a "Full Dungeon" notice. I understood that a lot of people were touring my basement dungeon, but that's just wrong. Now, onto the second bundle. I haven't had much experience, other than doing the dungeon, and seeing the swarm of Shaolin Monkeys popping up all over the place. But I did see the Rickshaw twice, which was pretty cool. I felt so bad for those little sheep, I just wanna set 'em free ;). Also, I heard that Kingsisle was BANNING people for just wearing the Master of Karate and Friendship badge. I told my friend, and she gave me a very awesome view on it, saying that if people went out and spent their own money on it, they should have the right to wear what they bought. On a semi-unrelated topic, IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY! I am still hoping I get a myth mastery from someone, lol. I got a free Christmas Tree Wrapped Gift. That just made my day, since I received it at like 12:00 AM. On ANOTHER semi-related topic, I hatched with Runningbreeze and FINALLY got that Pixie Queen w/ Card that I have been looking for! Thank you so much, Runningbreeze. Well I haven't got any more topics to talk about, semi-related or unrelated. So, until next time, and remember, calling Target too much may induce the urge to use an accent so they don't recognize you. ;)

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