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Majestic Bundle/Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle Reviews

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Hello Everyone, today I'm reviewing the new Majestic Bundle and the new Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle. I will compare and contrast the 2 and give each bundle its "real" value in my opinion. (KI states it has a 100 dollars worth of items, and their $39 price is a "good deal")

First up the Majestic Bundle.

. What I dislike the most about this bundle is the pet! The pet was originally in the hoard of the hydra pack. There is nothing unique or special about this pet. It is no better than the others which come in the Hoard. The card the pet comes with is also useless unless you're myth. I find pets in all bundles to be worth no crowns/$ because you can simply hatch with someone to obtain the pets. I find it wasteful when pets are purchased with crowns and such.

. The gear is next, as in all bundles the gear is not really gear that can be used in battles. Unless you're a low level wizard where there can be some useful gear that is. Most of the time people just use the wands if they are good. This new wand has 45 crit and 45 block. Now that is pretty good critical but there are much better wands in the game. The new mandolin wand comes with guardian spirit! And personally I am still in love with the amazing sidhe staff. So when you compare the wands this new Bundle wand is not that great. The gear does cool though :)

. Next is the mount, another dragon? seriously? This mount just could not be less original. Most recently the hydra mount was released which is a 3 person and very unique. The new mount in the pagoda gauntlet bundle is truly amazing as well. And then this bundle comes out with a dragon... there already have been tons of dragons in the game. I do not see why we need another.

. Every bundle comes with 5k crowns, I assume KI values 5k crowns at $10
which is full price. But when people buy crowns they get them when there is a good deal around such as the common 60k for $60 deal. So really 1000 crowns is worth $1 so that 5k is worth 5 bucks.

. Finally, the house & furniture items. This is where the bundle finally improves ( a bit ) I found the massive knights table the bundle comes with to be a fantastic interactive crowns item. The tapestry is ok too, and suits the AV house perfectly. Basically my thoughts are that you are coughing up 40 bucks to buy a house. Now The house is great but I feel like they basically copied the massive fantasy palace here. Its really the same theme and style. The outsidoor section of the house I honestly found boring. Nothing really unique or jump out of your seat there. Part of the landscaping in the main outdoor section copied the ice school house exactly as well. So it really was not too original. The inside however was nicer. I adored the fireplace and stain glass windows. It was very spacious and unique. But really I found KI copied elements from the "Wizards Watchtower House" "Ice house" and "Massive Fantasy Palace" to create this home.

Overall this bundle could not be less original. We've seen the mount style before, many of us have HAD the pet before, and I feel like I've been in the house before. So here is how I value it.

Crowns: 5 bucks
House/furniture: 15 bucks
Mount: 5 bucks
Pet: 0 dollars
Gear: 5 bucks

Overall this bundle is worth around 30 dollars. Now they sell it for 39 but they valued it at 100. LOL. pretty funny if you ask me. I did not really follow typical crowns shop prices, more along the lines of how unique the items are and if they are really worth having. I only can see someone buying it for the look of the gear, which is a decent look but not worth paying so much for. So overall this bundle is not one that I feel you need to buy.

Ok now the Pagoda Gauntlet

First of all there is no house, but an interactive dungeon which is basically a furniture item. But it is still way more unique than the Majestic Bundle.

Ok first off is the pet. I saw it and I was just like :groovybanana:
Hooray! Finally a unique pet. That little monkey is to die for.

Next is the mount. That mount is absolutely fantastic! I would pay full price for it in the crowns shop! It gives the feel of being driven around through the many worlds of the spiral. I just love it.

The gear is next. The gear itself is typical pack gear nothing too special. It looks pretty neat though! A slight copy of the masks in mooshu. But its obviously a mooshu theme bundle pack and they did add a lot to the gear style to make it look more unique. Now I have NOT yet seen the wand's stats. So I can say the gear is not necessary but I do not know about the wand. Although it is likely similar to the Majestic Bundle wand.

Now for the dungeon. I have personally been through an experienced the dungeon first hand. I found it to be a fun challenge with pretty cool drops.
Any level can enter the dungeon, but the dungeon does not change based on the characters level. So you have to organize a team well. But a thing I love is that it is an in house dungeon, so it is easy to bring the people you want along with you unlike places like Tower of the Helephant/ Waterworks/ Mirror Lake. However you are sacrificing a house to have a dungeon furniture item. I think it is a VERY COOL item however. A dungeon in your house! A place to farm for items/gold IN YOUR HOUSE? That is just so cool if you ask me! However if you're a money saver ( I try to be but I go all out on wiz sadly ) you can just use your friends dungeon.

It also comes with crowns which again I value at 5 bucks.

Another thing is you don't get that cool interactive item like the table in the Majestic Bundle. You don't get a tapestry, and you obvious don't get the additional castle space elixir. Which is another draw back.

So really this bundle lacks some items. I feel like it should be the next bundle in the line of $29 bundle cards. Like the $29 Hawkrider bundle at walmart for example.

But here is the break down.

Mount: I honestly feel like this unique mount would be one of those prices at 12,500 crowns in the crowns shop. It's very cool. 12,500 crowns is worth $12.50

Pet: Again I feel like this can just be hatched for but it is so cool. A pet like this I can imagine would sell for around 6,500 - 9,000 crowns in the shop. So you can value the pet at around 6-9 dollars if you want or 0 if you like to hatch for pets like me.

Dungeon: This item is no house, but it is very cool and fun. Game kiosks like doodle doug and the tag game are valued at 2,500. This dungeon I would value at 4-6 times that however. so maybe 15k crowns? 15 dollars.

Then gear and crowns is an additional 10 bucks. But again I do not know about the wand so I can't say for sure. If it is a good wand it can easily increase the gear value 5-8 dollars.

So wow! This bundle actually is not too bad despite the fact that it lacks items! It is valued around $37.50 and that is not even including the pet value or value of the wand. So really the maximum potential value of this bundle is... don don don... $37.50-$54.50!

So you're paying $39 which is right at the start of its possible value!

Overall the best deal here is by far the UNIQUE Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle from Target!

Hope this helps and sorry for the length! It's good to read if you really want to buy :)

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  1. sky1969's Avatar
    Where can you buy the Pagoda Gauntlet bundle?
  2. Mikey.'s Avatar
    These are both new bundles that have not actually officially been released by KI. But have been found on shelves already. You can find the Pagoda Gauntlet at Target and Majestic at Game stop.