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Why This is Becoming Unbelievable

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U know why this is becoming unbelievable? Wizard101 Central is now like a War between the Republican and Democratic Party, so many views clashed, but I simply do not see any form of constructive critizism. I'm not a pacifist, but I don't agree on
ranting or simply "saying your opinion."
If you truly want to help, do some constructive critizism? Your giving KI it hard enough. Sorting through all these complaints. Why not just be nice and try to help KI? E-Mail them a couple of times, post some constructive posts around the forum, try to let people learn without going over-exertive and going extremely into your personal beliefs without facts. Do you know how much stress people have when they work like this?
Try not to hate on KI so much, complaining isn't any better. Trust me. More people will rather believe you with a post that is in depth and shows that you actually researched the subject. Less people will believe you if you're simply explaining "Morals"
I'm blogging about this because I'm outrageously tired with all the rants that aren't showing any construtive information that they will give directly to Kingsisle!?
Plz, E-Mail KI, and actually help the W101 Community...

-Alexander...Wizard101 Philosopher and Leader of Chaining Ice GFX: Art for a New Life

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