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  1. Adept

    by , 4-18-11 at 11:02:40 AM (swog: the blog with swag)
    I am now an Adept in Wizard101Central posting! Yes!
  2. Recent differences!

    by , 4-18-11 at 3:38:08 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hi guys :)

    Back to blogging here for a moment.

    I just noticed ANOTHER difference between the UK and the US server!

    Us server has to have activated their account for subscribe, playing acess and full chat.

    Uk servers dont need to activate their account for any of that!!! Only for subscription and newsletters.

    So it is actually worth playing on the UK server too :) full chat as soon as you join :D

    PS - James ...
  3. Storm & Balance = <3

    by , 4-17-11 at 7:44:51 PM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Hey peoples!

    So, about 2 weeks ago, I started leveling my Storm wizard, Cori Stormblossom, with my brother's fire, Chase Sunspear =D
    Currently, I am level 21 and in the Krokosphinx... I've done most of the sides, excluding Sunken City and Colossus Boulevard. I also cheated a bit and went to MB to do the Regants Square sides.

    Now, to my Balance wizz xD. My new balance wizard's name is Taylor Hexblossom! x] I'm lvling her with my brother's Death (Tarlac Darkweaver) ...
  4. My Take on the New Amulets and How to use them to their full potential.

    by , 4-17-11 at 7:08:17 PM (The Pharaoh's Chronicles)
    Just a quick little guide I made to help you decide on which amulet to use based on your school.

  5. Playing W101

    I finally got around to re-customizing my blog and profile so people can actually see what they write, well including myself.

    I'm on a serious hunt for the perfect offensive pet - Balance blade, pain bringer, pain giver, and spritely. This would be a perfect pet for farming. I'm offering up my best pets for these talents. If you have either pain bringer or may cast balance blade please contact me via PM.

    I created two new wizards, both named Dylan Drake. I had taken ...