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  1. First Blog!

    by , 4-19-15 at 2:04:50 AM (Life of Your Average Thaumaturge)
    So I finally got around to getting a blog. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but here it is! What do people even blog about? I'll start by introducing you to all of my wizards.

    Name: Nicole RainbowFist
    School: Ice Magic
    Birthday: December 21
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite book: Winter Moon by Dean Koontz
    Favorite food: Ice cream
    Favorite season: Winter
    Favorite animal: Polar bear
    Favorite thing about magic: Being able to freeze ...

    Updated 4-19-15 at 8:27:51 PM by Nicole RainbowFist

    Tags: balance, death, ice, life, storm
  2. Pvp

    I'm starting to get into pvp a little bit. I've looked up some talents for my pet so I got that figured out. I pvp on Ryan but now he's level 16, he does practice but he did one ranked match against a level 23 fire. I won because I had his health down then at the end I used samoorai to finish him of. I was supprised that I won the match. My myth is horrible at pvp though.
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