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  1. Operation MoonFall

    Nintendo is pondering if they should put Majora's Mask as a 3DS game, they need YOU to tell them if they should.
    They got the name 'Moonfall' because its Majora's Mask and well the moon falls. I did some research last nigt and found that you have to email them saying: I'm a HUGE Zelda fan and I'd like to see Majora's Mask in 3DS
    Since the creators are planning on making a new Zelda this wont effect it, since they have all the characters, story line, and they just need to edit/tweek things.! ...
  2. I'm in stress

    My teeth ache from my braces and I cant eat like anything, my gums hurt from that poking wire. I havent been in school for 2 days and I missed allot of things that are due and I might get a bad grade and i'm trying real hard to keep them good. I have 3 more weeks left of school so that means I get only a few days with my laptop before I have to return it to the school witch means I cant finish the tech-steps (thing I have to do in my computer thats complicated) and I have 3 of them to do and there ...

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  3. Why I Read

    by , 6-6-12 at 6:13:29 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So I read a lot - like [I]a lot[/I] a lot. I try to get through at least 4 books a week, I'll do 8 in a good week and then 1-2 in a bad week. ];
    It's quite bad, actually. Since I read late at night, I usually start a book at 8-9 then I'm stuck up until midnight finishing it.
    But I've found that in almost every book there is a little nugget of gold waiting to be found, and that's why I read. Every book contains a different little nugget, and collecting them is so darn rewarding. ...
  4. Random Topic of the Day: Raccoons

    by , 6-5-12 at 11:08:56 PM (The World of Insanity)
    So I am thinking about posting about a random topic each day. Since I like Raccoons they will be the first topic :D Yay!
    Raccoons are nocturnal and are often called Nature's Ninjas :D
    *Insert picture I apparently deleted of a Nature's Ninja sig I made*
    Raccoons are also notoriously known for casting magic and eating peoples trash. The first observed in the following picture

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  5. A video I made

    I made this video for my friends and family that have gone on.

    [ame=""]Arms of an Angel wizard101 - YouTube[/ame]