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  1. Blog Look!

    Hmm I need some kinda feed back!

    I really don't know if I like the way my blog looks, So can you help me out?
    Please Comment
  2. Minions...

    by , 8-4-09 at 6:23:12 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    I decided to make a blog about the wonderful creatures Minions. Minions are very very useful in PvP.

    Some minions are better than others, and some really should stick in 1v1 duels.

    Once you get into 3v3 and 4v4, minions should stay out of the arena. They end up turning into a waste of pips. The reason for that is all the new group spells. You will summon your trusty Sprite, but next turn it gets hit by a Nova, Storm Lord, etc...

    2v2 is Kinda iffy. It all ...

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  3. Blog topic

    by , 8-4-09 at 4:15:52 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    I have finally decided that this will be my wizard101 blog. *Audience says DUH!* This will Be like what i do funny pics and other stuff cant wait to start!
  4. PvP Deck set-ups

    by , 8-4-09 at 2:59:43 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Well I think I finally decided what my first real blog will be about. I decided to list tips and hints for good PvP deck set-ups for all schools, and for all types of PvP. These will be set-ups I recommend for ranked dueling where you do not always quite know what your opponent will be.

    Keep in mind when you are dueling someone for a tournament match that your deck should be adjusted to fight againat their school.

    P.S. All these set-up type posts will be based for the ...
  5. Whatcha wanna know?

    by , 8-4-09 at 1:49:40 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    Ok, it hasn't really hit me as to what to write in here.

    I have a dueling blog opening soon, so I don't want to blog about that as much.

    Hmmm. I could sing more?? How bout that? Requests anyone?

    So here's the Question... What does someone wanna read in here about Me? lol.

    Stories? Random acts of weirdness in my everyday life? Both, none, something else?

    Lemme know what ya think.....