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  1. House Party Time and Place

    by , 8-10-09 at 5:55:57 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Hi there! I just wanted to post the Instructions and other stuff for the Party here.

    Now, here's how it's gonna work:

    I'll be standing with 10 people. Those people you'll have to befriend in order to get to my House. (I'll post them later.)

    Once everyone who wants to go to the party befriends the 10 people, I'll teleport to my House. So will the 10 friends of mine. Once they're there, you can teleport to them. Then, the party will begin!

    Here's ...

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  2. WILD BOLT: Yay or nay?

    my first major blog on here, woot. :balloon:

    wild bolt: the card that's killing pvp. (and people in pvp)

    i'd like to state some things about bolt. i hate it when people call me names when i bolt on any character. i have a right to bolt if i get a treasure of it. sounds simple, no?

    i'm so sick of people complaining about wild bolt being "too overpowered" for 2 pips. if you put up an 80% storm shield thats 200 damage right there. and with any resist ...

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  3. Camping

    by , 8-10-09 at 2:32:22 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Hey guy, this is just a heads up. I will be gone Monday 8/10- Wednesday 8/12. I am going camping with some friends without electricity or internet. Which means I will be unable to deal with PvP issues and such.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Late Post! Sorry!!

    by , 8-9-09 at 9:22:20 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Hi again! I'm sorry for the late post. Yesterday I was BUSY. Anyways, what I was gonna talk about yesterday:

    I've decided to do something in-game for Wizard 101 Central's B-day. I can't reveal TOO much, because, well, i'm still planning. But, it's gonna be AWESOME!*

    In other news, What should the name of my Blog me? Please PM me with ideas. (Results will be posted Friday.)

    Oh, and I have a question: How do I put up a Banner? Anyone know?

    Well, ...

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  5. Wii Wi-fi Games Question, and other misc.

    Well, after wondering forever on how to do it.. I finally figured out my code thingy for Brawl! If you want it, just VM or PM me asking for it, and I shall PM it back to ya.

    So, are there any other good games that I can play online?

    Ones that I know:
    AC:City Folk

    I know alot.. lol

    On to other misc!

    Well, today it rained. A lot.. so I was stuck indoors . But, it's Sunday, so I'll live. School is coming up ...