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  1. Wizard Weekly Issue 4

    by , 8-14-09 at 2:43:27 AM (The Wizard Weekly)
    In this issue:
    First Footsteps - A Checklist for New Wizards
    Touring the Spiral - The People and Places
    First Footsteps - A Checklist for New Wizards
    To all of our newest residents to Wizard City, welcome! It is a pleasure to see new faces here and I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time. Being a wizard or witch is a path for those that are capable of wielding its power, and only those with the greatest potential are summoned here. This means you, yes you, ...
  2. Wizard Weekly Issue 3

    by , 8-14-09 at 2:42:33 AM (The Wizard Weekly)
    - Wizard Families
    - Dueling Do's and Don'ts
    - Poll: Teachers and Students
    Wizard Families - The Magic and Mystery
    Across the Spiral, billions of lives are on the go everyday. From day to day activities to special occasions, all life in the Spiral presses on in the ways that it knows best. Most of us wizards spend our days defending the Spiral and our fellow wizards, but there are special groups of people lurking amongst us. People that, at first glance, don't ...
  3. Huge Mr. Lincoln Fan At the Moment!!!

    by , 8-13-09 at 4:50:50 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    Mr. Lincoln and staff to the rescue!

    Gosh, it's been 2 weeks since I could log onto, load, install, etc. the game. I had so much stuff going on, so it didn't bother me until things slowed down again.

    I'm ready to duel!! sigh.

    Anyway, Mr Lincoln is on the case. I heard from KI again earlier, and hope the stuff we did to get it to load will work.

    fingers crossed!!

    I will be so so happy to log back in again once it's fixed. ...
  4. Just as I feared...

    by , 8-13-09 at 4:10:36 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Yup, just as I feared. Due to my lazy friends on Wizard 101 (Hunter Dragonbreaker doesn't count.) I was unable to defeat Krokopatra several times and get the funds. So, the party's being moved to the 14th. (And, due to my lazy self, my surprise has ALSO been moved to the next day.)

    Well, all that I can say today is Happy B-day W101C! :woohoo: :groupwave: :fest09:

    Well, I'd best get to work. :4:

    What do you think about this whole delay?
  5. The Code Moderator.

    Today i did my job and saved inoccent children from getting their treasure cards stolen away, and stopped those dim-witted scammers! There was this one guy, Evan we chased 3 servers, than lost him.
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