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  1. Semi- Best Week Ever

    by , 2-27-10 at 7:16:57 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [SIZE=4]On Monday, I was out sick and I[/SIZE][SIZE=4] talked with a friend of mine all day. On Tuesday, I went to school had okay-ish day it was also my birthday. Went out to eat then went home yo open presents. I got a Betta fish, nail polish, a Pink Floyd t-shirt, an ACDC t-shirt, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, and $25. I got sick again on Friday so I stayed home and texted my best friend all day long.[/SIZE]
  2. Story Idea: People Required!

    by , 2-27-10 at 5:54:50 PM (Moonhunter's Minutes)
    Ok First thing first i need permission from Two People: :prettyplease:
    ~Sierra Winterbreeze (Windlilly)
    ~Jennifer Pixieblood
    I want to put you into a story i am planning to write soon.
    Anyone else want to be part of it?
    I need a Life, Balance for sure and maybe some others.
    And if either one of those rejects the character usage for the story i will need an ice and a death.
    Beside that the story is going to be all hush hush until i get the first draft ...
  3. Update on Dragonsong and Moonstrider

    by , 2-27-10 at 3:03:56 PM (The Spiral Through My Eyes)
    Hello all

    Well first off let me clarify who Dragonsong and Moonstrider are. They are my little wizards Kelly Dragonsong is currently at lvl 41. She is pretty close to finishing mooshu, but she still has the death oni to defeat. She just recently learned Dyrad too. YAY FINALLY!!! *everybody glares at me* uh sorry about that...Anyways i'm hoping to do some leveling up today and maybe get her into DS. I'm that much closer to my Third grandmaster .

    Ok now ...
  4. Why I dont trust people

    by , 2-27-10 at 2:01:17 PM (City Streetz)
    Okay so I REALLY want wings... and this guy said that if i gave him really good treasure cards then he would buy me wings. So I gave him some stormzillas, tritons, A FIRE DRAGON, wild bolt, and a million other cards. He said before that that if he ran away then i could report him.

    And you all probably know what happens next. Yep, he fled. Then I screamed in text chat to him "GIVE ME THE WINGS OR ELSE!"
    And he said "OR ...
  5. The Pyromancer's Digest- Ice V.S. Storm???

    by , 2-27-10 at 8:28:03 AM (The Pyromancer's Digest!)
    Hey All,

    Ugh, I feel so louzy! I have been posting every other day now! don't worry, I'll get back into the swing of things, I've just been super busy. I actually went to Red Robin's last night with a group of friends and we went to go see Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Theif, AGAIN! My dad was complaining that it was a waste of money cause I had already seen it before, but it was so awesome, I would go see it five times. I know like almost virtually all the words in ...