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  1. The Story of the Nicoles...and Grace and Nick

    by , 6-2-15 at 10:59:26 PM (Life of Your Average Thaumaturge)
    I came across these backstories I had written on each of my characters. Thought I would post it here. Enjoy!

    Nicole RainbowFist (ice)- She has what you might call a boring childhood: brought up in a family of 3 kids and was completely happy. She was always top of her class, an excellent student and a great listener. She always wanted more out of life, however. Her life was too safe and predictable. That was when Merle Ambrose found her and told her, "You're a wizard, Nicole." ...
  2. Heyo Long time no See

    by , 5-30-15 at 3:15:31 AM (The World of Insanity)
    I've been gone for eons it seems but I really want to get back into this. So my name is Nathan and this is my blog. I may try and update it next week. A whole new look, name, etc. But I just want to talk. If anyone is reading this talk back! I'm here to make friends and such and live my life because you know what else is there to do? With this newfound blogging energy, I plan on sharing what I've got going on in my life this summer if I remember to do so. I am teaching myself français ...
  3. Soulful Knight Proj Part 3 -- Project Complete!

    Okie dokie well Duke Cooper from part 2 got Uni at mega, making it a triple damage, defy, and uni Soulful Knight.

    That pet is totally irrelevant now though because as I continued to hatch, I noticed a few patterns, both good and bad.


    1. Life Damage talents were showing up consistently
    2. Defy was showing up consistently


    1. Proof was not showing up unfortunately
    2. Uni was showing up consistently
    3. The ...

    Updated 5-26-15 at 11:06:43 PM by silverfamgs219

  4. Soulful Knight Proj Part 2

    In the last week I have gotten to do a good amount of hatches as my AP exams are over. :D

    The result of Baby Zoey + Lord Buster was Princess Gus:

    Four hatches to get here:

    1. Baby Henry - Dealer, EB - Fail
    2. Sir Bruno - Deaker, DK - Fail
    3. Queen Gummy - Pain, EB - Fail
    4. Prince Gus - Giver, Defy, Proof - YAY

    I then hatched Prince ...

    Updated 5-13-15 at 9:03:31 PM by silverfamgs219

  5. Soulful Knight Proj Part 1

    Well thanks to Madeline, I now have a very cute Soulful Knight and so I decided to start a project with it (a slow one) as I am not really doing anything with pets right now. I like to document my hatches so I know the history, but I also like to look back and see what I did to create a pet. I started about 2 weeks ago, so I have quite a few hatches done right now.

    Here is the result of the hatch with Madeline (I used my bird to hatch with her):


    Updated 5-8-15 at 5:21:19 PM by silverfamgs219