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  1. Art Guide: Learn to use references-Extras

    (this is almost a repost, I have extra tips on here)
    Using a reference image means that you are using a photograph or other drawings* as a guide, it will help you with foreshortened poses, accurate proportions, and everything else.
    Here are two examples in .gif format to keep this short to the point:

    The one ...
  2. Fennec Fox

    Working my Fennec Fox to SPUD. So far I'm on generation three pretty exciting.
  3. "Isn't something missing?"

    by , 4-21-14 at 5:18:57 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    So recently I discovered Nightcore on Youtube which were songs that are sped-up in melody and were usually higher pitched than the original songs they were taken from. I was listening to my favorite songs last Saturday to see how good they were until I stumbled upon Evanescence. I wasn't too surprised that my favorite artist has been Nightcored and checked out some of the songs.

    Shortly, I came to one of the songs I haven't listened to since high school, "Missing". Now the ...

    Updated 4-21-14 at 5:20:09 PM by The Lone Ninja Escapist

  4. Happy Easter!

    by , 4-20-14 at 11:57:15 AM (Thoughts of Sneakybob)
    Happy Easter everybody! On other news i'v gotten pretty settled in now and will have much more time to be online so I can finally start playing again :)
  5. take nothing for granted

    by , 4-10-14 at 9:00:46 PM (Never Lose Your Flame)
    [SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic]Hey. I'm sure that not many of you remember me, like maybe three or four-ish do but if any of those people may remember my very old blog posts, I would talk about how my mom had a brain tumor. I once talked about how my mom had a seizure on the day of my sixth grade graduation. Anyways, she's had a cancerous tumor in her head for about a year and a half now, which is much longer than people with cancer usually live with. Although, yesterday, I found out that my mom has ...