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  1. ~Icy's Spooky Pet Schedule~

    Icy's Helpful Hatchers Hatching Schedule

    ~Halloween Hatch-out~

    ~Lord Rusty~

    ~Lady Patch is now resting~

    ~Prince Shadow~


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  2. My First Doodle!

    by , 10-22-17 at 10:18:09 PM (Sonorous's Speculations)
    I've always been fascinated with how KingsIsle creates their Abracadoodle comics, and I finally worked up the courage to attempt to create a similar style doodle of my wizard. I was mainly nervous since I'm not very familiar with graphic design programs, and I didn't have access to higher level ones like Photoshop. I also didn't have access to a drawing tablet, so I had to work with a trackpad and mouse. It was hard knowing where to begin, but I ended up starting with the hat and ending with the ...

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    Art & Graphic Design
  3. 10/22-10/28

    Tvelocity's Hatching Schedule
    This schedule is for my pets on the Pet Central threads.
    Feel free to look us up under the Pet Section to request.

    Week of October 22-October 28: Lord Lacey
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    1. View the times listed below.
    All times follow Eastern Standard Time (EST).
    If you need help converting your time, please Visitor Message me and I'd be happy to help.


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  4. Softkitty's Pet Central Hatching Blog

    by , 10-22-17 at 12:44:26 PM (Softkitty's Pet Central Hatching Blog)
    Softkitty's Hatching Schedule

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    Reading these is your responsibility, failure to comply may result in a cancelled hatch.

    1. All hatches will be held in the Seraph realm Hatchery, all times are in EDT(Eastern Daylight)

    2. Please make sure to bring at least 55k gold with an open timer.

    3. Let me know your chosen time at least 1 hour before the hatch time, or you will not be

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  5. AuddyBeldin's Hatching Schedule

    Current pet of the week: Bear
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    You're probably thinking, "LET'S GET TO HATCHING!"However I'd love to but I need you to copy this quick form and leave it to me via Visitor Message or Private Message ( either work fine! )
    1. Wizard's Name:
    2. Pet Requested:
    3. Time slot #1:
    4. Time slot #2 (for if the first time doesn't work):
    5. What realm

    Updated 3-5-18 at 6:37:55 PM by Auddybeldin