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  1. Grub Guardian Video Guides

    by , 4-23-15 at 11:56:25 PM (Maya's Home of Thoughts ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡))
    Grub Guardian Video Guides
    (currently in progress...)

    Zamunda, Zafaria

  2. Welcome

    Will post about random stuff on this blog, mostly irl
  3. First Blog!

    by , 4-19-15 at 2:04:50 AM (Life of Your Average Thaumaturge)
    So I finally got around to getting a blog. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but here it is! What do people even blog about? I'll start by introducing you to all of my wizards.

    Name: Nicole RainbowFist
    School: Ice Magic
    Birthday: December 21
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite book: Winter Moon by Dean Koontz
    Favorite food: Ice cream
    Favorite season: Winter
    Favorite animal: Polar bear
    Favorite thing about magic: Being able to freeze ...

    Updated 4-19-15 at 8:27:51 PM by Nicole RainbowFist

    Tags: balance, death, ice, life, storm
  4. New User - but been playing since '08 :)

    by , 4-17-15 at 9:14:20 AM (Tanner's Tales)
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonflys Shadow View Post
    Welcome to the crazy.
    Thought this accurately describes Central and the game.
  5. Whyyy?

    by , 4-10-15 at 8:49:14 PM (Wizard nostalgia my beloved)
    I was farming Waterworks with only three people, then second-to-last boss the guy said "Gtg, good luck" and then left. It made it much harder for the two of us and took much more time than it should have, but luckily we pulled through.
    I didn't get the drops I wanted though :/