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  1. Story of my life!

    by , 1-29-10 at 7:51:42 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    I, with no doubt, is the most forgetful person on earth! Or at least the most forgetful person today that is.

    So first off, I walked to school and realized I forgot my storyboard at home. I was scare and nervous that my group is gonna kill me but then figured I have another class period to call my mom. That is the most wonderful thing about my mom, if I happen to sleep in or forget something at home (which I had done before) she would always be there and help. Of course she is not ...
  2. Top 10 Most Overpriced Items in Wizard101 (Part 1)

    by , 9-22-10 at 11:02:13 PM (Notes Written By An Onion)
    Ohai, it's been a while, hasn't it?

    I've taken a nice long break from the art of blogging, and I'm making my return with my latest top 10 list.

    Kingsisle is a company like any other: they formed their company as a means of monetary gain. There is nothing wrong with this at all, it is just one of many ways to make a living in life.

    However, Kingsisle has gone over the top a bit at times. In this list I'll be going over a few of KI's more "memorable" ...
  3. Now serving number...

    by , 10-30-10 at 5:19:40 PM (Musings of the Decoy Healer)

    Holy giant fishbowls batman, Celestia has arrived!

    I have to admit that I didn't like my first dance with Celestria, showing up with my game face on and taking two tritons right off the bat was somewhat... alarming. A few rounds of getting knocked clear back to the commons and it became apparent that this wasn't a solo realm which actually had me kind of upset (Though killing ...

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  4. Death and Fire House dissappointment compared to others

    by , 12-4-09 at 10:50:32 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    I had a big smile and high hopes to see the school houses, especially death, but that smile was ripped off my face at the compareson to the other school houses.
    I don't know if it's just me but i think that the death and fire are lacking space and interesting qualities. I mean the others have cool statues or the school mosters in the back-ground. While death and fire have little space, about five rooms each, and the only thing that interests me in the death house is the furnaceand the moving ...

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  5. Unicorn at the Cottage

    by , 1-16-10 at 1:59:04 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [FONT=Century Gothic]I just completed a dungeon when my friend Cristina AngleDust texted me saying "PORT PARTY!". So I quickly turned in a quest and teleported to her thinking it was a small party (which it was), but anyways it was at the Wizard101 Cottage and it was actually pretty fun. Sarah (the owner of the house) had made a glitch of floating letters and newpapers which was hard to climb lol.

    Then I heard a horse sneer, and I looked around and didn't see any horse ...

    Updated 6-19-10 at 9:56:03 PM by TaraBeara

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