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  1. fire project

    all things wiz related. minus a small note at the end.
    madi made a fire! fire was my original character when i started wiz. i took the quiz and picked ruby because in my mind it was closer to my birthstone than any of the others.
    and i got fire. she ended up being my first and only warlord and set the stage for my favorite school in the entirety of wizard101.
    since then i've had two other accounts and have remade that same character on all three. BUT i felt like it was time to ...
  2. books & style

    i felt like doing some thingys i found on tumblr because i got bored.
    and this is what happens when you browse the internet.
    i do have a smallish related rant at the end possibly so if that's all you really care about then just skip whatever this stuff is.

    so i guess this first thingy-ma-bobber is about books and what not. so yea.
    lets do this.

    1: In detail, what fictional character do you find yourself most like & why?
    merrr.. i feel like ...
  3. glasses, wiz, and college adventures

    helloo everyone. it's been about a week. a hectic week but an amazing one so far.
    i have a few things to share about my rl self and then some things about wiz towards the end so you may pick and choose what you want to read.

    on monday i finally graduated high school. hurrah. the ceremony took about an hour, which really wasn't bad at all. afterwards we had to drive back to the school to get my diploma. so i'm officially a college student, woo!
    the rest of the week i kinda ...
  4. a blog by ryan rose

    the next generation of blogging by moi has come to a beginning.
    i suppose a few changes are gonna be made so i shall start by saying whats up, down, and moving around town.

    - my main character on wiz has changed from madeline frost to my new fire, ryan rose. if anyone who had me previously added and would like to add my fire then just say so.
    - i'm thinking about getting a name change if i can smuggle some fg from a few of my friends.
    - favorites of the month are ...
  5. Wizard City Protector Mom, a Letter to Kings Isle

    Update: The current state of the Commons and most other high traffic F2P areas is improved since I wrote this letter. Although some problem spots remain, the appearance of Hall Monitors over the past couple of weeks has been a generally good influence. I find myself spending much less time stuck in the Commons due to constantly stopping to ignore and report undesirable language/behavior. I suppose some of that can be attributed to the updates to the chat filters, which were pretty extensive and ...

    Updated 10-10-13 at 4:59:58 PM by IridianShadowweaver (Update)

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