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  1. Win a Pirate101 Ninja Pig companion!

    by , 11-9-12 at 6:39:46 PM (Spiral Magazine)
    Write about why you like this magazine! Write what you like about the mag as a whole, a section you may like the best! Also, if you have an idea, please add anything you would like to see in the magazine! We will pick a random post (has to be more than 3 sents, but don't write an essay!) and the winner will be notified through PM with their code. Good luck!

    Please place all entries in the comments!
  2. Wish You Were Here

    You are all probably wondering why I sent you a pm or vm and asked you to read this blog entry of mine.

    Well, unless your a good friend on mine I don't tell alot of people what I am going through as of right now. My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 6 years ago. She was only 58 years old. She was forced to retire, she was incapable of doing her job since Alzheimer's affects her mind and made her forget what was normal and everyday to her.

    My father,brother and ...

    Updated 11-23-12 at 12:12:41 PM by *Erin*

  3. Wiz Magazine >>>>

    by , 1-20-13 at 7:33:35 PM (The Daily Death)
    Have you read this issues yet? I think there great, they always have the latest News! Shippo this is great because he always fails as keeping up with the current upcoming News [ even though all you have to do is hit "New Post" and you will see about a page full of the newest news. Only thing shippo has to say is add more too the news.

    Maybe some ideas :
    [LIST][*]Story of the week[*]User of the week[*]Idea of the week[*]Spell of the week[*]Pet of the Week[*]Etc.[/LIST] ...
  4. favorites of the month ღ january

    the first month of the new year is finally coming to an end.
    this month for me was a lot more about relaxing and finding new things that i like rather than going out and buying stuff (which are often things i feature in fotm)

    so lets begin!

    probably the one thing i've been obsessing over since the end of december till now has been the one and only
    doctor who
  5. tag you're it.

    i'm only doing this because Kat has tagged me for her tag.
    my hiatus is still in motion and i've been enjoying myself more because of it.
    so don't expect more things from me.
    but when i come back i plan to bring the boom to the bang.

    1. how did you get started blogging?:
    i have no idea. i think one day i finally got some forum gold for winning an event at a party and was like, what can i buy with this?
    and then this happened.

    2. what ...
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