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    by , 1-6-10 at 4:50:28 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    So I woke up today saying to myself "why not take over the world today". Ok ok no not really, but i was getting on my computer to look at some updates on wiz101 central. So then i decided to check Miltons blog, i mean who doesn't right? So i clicked on best blogs since i know that miltons blog is awsome (and because it hd been there for a long time). Then I found another blog had been added. I clicked on the link and i was trasported into the gap between dimentions where the great slug ...

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  2. Over 60 ideas for the game!

    [COLOR=Red][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]This includes some of the greatest ideas for Wizard101 while others may not fit the role. There are +90 threads.

    [U][B]One reminder: Don't bring up threads that have comments that disagree with the idea please! [/B][/U][U][B]I don't want to hear it again.

    [LIST=1][*]EDIT AS OF 10/23 -->[URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=213213&highlight="]Custom Book ...

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  3. WOW! 5th generation pokemon!

    by , 2-8-10 at 9:58:40 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    I searched on by typing in pokemon and all of a sudden i came across a video that showed this pokemon:

    They said tht this pokemon will be featured on the next video game in the pokemon series, and the next movie. They hope that this game will be available around-the-world withen a year (btw this was on pokemon sunday, a show about pokemon in japan). You can also get more info on the ...
  4. Some stuff that happened today.

    I checked the Wizard101 news and the test realm isn't open yet. I have been checking every day since[B] the[/B] announcement.

    One announcement to rule them all. One announcement to find them.
    One announcement to bring them all. And in the darkness bind them.
    (I'm reading Lord of the Rings if you haven't figured that out yet)

    The update is so precious!
    My precious!

    Anyway I didn't get my precious yet.
    Well, I [B]did[/B] level to 47 ...

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  5. Your thoughts and new ideas about the test realm

    by , 5-5-10 at 5:05:53 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    It seems like everyone has gotten familar with the test realm enough to ask this question. It's your opinion I would like to hear:50:
    You can say your favorite things about, what you think needs improvment, or why you might just not like it (which to most people isn't a choice).

    Sorry to people who don't like but personaly I love how they incorperated the pet derbies and other activities with them. The hatchery can be irritating though because pets can be rare, and many of them ...