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  1. My Pet Collection

    1. *pet* means I have and is maxed stats perfect version in my eyes
    2. If the pet just has * at the end of it means I have it
    3. If it is a *pet* will put its talents if I room next to it.
    4. My favorite pet is Bella my cat!


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  2. Interview with Tournament Master Nick S.

    by , 3-10-10 at 12:14:13 AM (Chaotic Chaos Blog)
    K so he's been a good friend of mine for a while so I thought it would be fun to have a talk with him and post it here on central for people to learn more about him :) (Will include wiz facts and pop culture)
    Here we go:

    Me: Okay Nick out of all your characters so far on wizard, which is by far your favorite to use?
    Nick: I'd have to say fire, he was my first tournament winner, character etc.

    Me: What made you start to play wizard101?
    Nick: I was actually ...
  3. April fools day is in two weeks. Am I right?

    I am tired so don't complain if my grammar or spelling is wrong.

    I was supposed to have no school today because of spring break but I had a snow make up day. But today was april first so I was happy about going to school. I wrote some extra homework on the chalkboard. And then some other person in the classroom put a fake virus on the computer.

    There is my post about april fools day.

    Bye people.

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  4. Day 4: PvP can be very interesting.

    by , 6-14-10 at 1:49:59 AM (A Wizard Point of View)
    Heh, today is pretty unproductive. I don't really wanna say much but that's because I didn't do much... Here's what I have:
    [LIST=1][*]I did Kensington Park again today. And once again, I didn't get anything good. Although in case you are wondering why I am doing that dreaded instance, it's because Stoker drops two rare pets: golem spider and seraph.[*]Crafting: I wanted to do Big Ben but never get a chance. Is Katz lab the only good place to get scrap iron?[*]Farming: My sister is certainly ...
  5. Some more of my famous randomness.

    [SIZE=1](some)[/SIZE] People seem to like my humor so here is some more of it.

    Funny emote:
    :26:Yum! Soda! [B]SLURP![/B] Hey! Look at that! The glass is full again!

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck seatbelts. (Lol! You didn't expect seatbelts!)

    Random word of the day: Shoelace!

    You know you played too much Wizard101 when you keep beating up trees because you want to get a pet crab.

    [B]Person ...