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  1. Done with high school, but I will return to Wizard101

    by , 6-9-12 at 11:53:16 PM (I have a bad feeling about this)
    [SIZE="5"]As of a few days ago, I am done with high school, I graduated with high honors (Judging by my GPA). The funny thing is that I didn't participate in the ceremony (Which was today) for many reasons (Money not being one of them). I guess college is my next obstacle, and I will see through it with. Also, I will be returning to try to get through Avalon, but I need to get a subscription or something. Will be glad if I had help getting through.

    Also, taking rotisserie ...

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  2. I guess this is an update? I don't really know anymore.

    by , 6-9-12 at 11:03:28 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So I don't really know what to write about here todayyy, but I felt the need to update this lil' bloggie.
    I guess I'll just give y'all an update on my life? This should be boring haha.

    So this coming week is finals week, wooo. I'm not too worried, since I'm pretty much done with the harder portions of them already [chem lab, english essay, french oral] &&my last day of finals is literally ONLY my free block, so I'm not even coming in to school like the rebel I am. ...
  3. Now-Back then

    I just read my blogs by looking at the last page of my blog entries.. Wow my style of writing and grammar has change. I notice I used shortcuts back then & now I don't do it much often. My entries were really short from it is now and my personality of the blog changed to from excited/happy to just to complaints/mature of how I blog.
  4. On the first day of PvP my true love sent to me: VIC-TOR-Y! (Part 2)

    by , 6-9-12 at 5:34:13 PM (The Adventures of Angel Spiritsong, Level 30 Theurgist)
    [COLOR="White"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][IMG][/IMG]
    My second win. Yeah, I one shotted her with a 2X blade life trapped monstrous seraph in revenge for killing my minion. Poor Emma. RIP :)
    Points is cause finally I made more then +1 in profit XD

    -.- Opponent did NOT say GG

    Won from first

    Next up, meet the friendly neighborhood ...
  5. On the first day of PvP my true love sent to me: VIC-TOR-Y!

    by , 6-9-12 at 5:22:09 PM (The Adventures of Angel Spiritsong, Level 30 Theurgist)
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="White"]Final Count:
    Practice matches:
    Ranked Matches: 5-2

    My first 2 ranked matches:

    First Match:

    Me VS Alex Night(28 myth)

    Lost from second, 13 pts =(

    Can I say Life needs an attack bubble & a 4 pip aoe??

    [IMG][/IMG] ...

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