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  1. What is in The Commons?

    by , 6-28-11 at 6:00:00 AM (The Deadly Pyromancer)
    [SIZE="5"]What is in The Commons? People. Some are nice and some are mean. Some are random, and some are looking for people to talk to. Here are some reasons to stay away from The Commons.

    1: Random Friending

    2: Asking "I need a boy!" or "I need a girl!" (People who are desperate)
    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  2. Dandelions: The Pool :D

    Went to the pool just now. It was awesome. Great relief to the summer heat. This morning I finished another one of my summer reading list books.

    Okay now for some happy news :D One of my neighbors broke their arms (not happy), so then that person offered me a job, to like help her around because of her arm. That'll earn me some money, and spice up my life. Not to mention do a good deed. The best part of it all is that she din't offer it to my brother. Ha ha ha.
    And in W101 ...
  3. Peace at last :D

    by , 6-27-11 at 6:08:30 PM (Zanes Blog)
    Over the past 2 years My mom, brother, and I have been experiencing some pretty complexed personal problems and today it is now over :D

    It has been really hard for my family and i just thought that since (according to the judge) it is officialy over, i would just share this.

    I might post some of the events that have happened later if i feel like it.

    I also want to share this song that i have been listening to for a while. Its not the best song many people

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  4. Hack or a new mount?

    by , 6-27-11 at 4:21:31 PM (Thoughts of me myself and I)
    So I saw this mount, anybody know what it is?[IMG][/IMG]
  5. GUESS WHAT!!!

    by , 6-27-11 at 12:40:32 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Nothing. I'm just bored so I made this blog post so you guys would look at it. :lol2:

    But anyway...

    I have a pack that includes 48 Black Cat treasures and some random Myth spells. The current highest bid is 62.?? so far.

    Pack Link: [url][/url]