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  1. Hatch Number 5: No Progress was made

    by , 6-10-12 at 7:41:29 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well in my Quest for a Perfect Nightwalker my latest hatch for Life Proof at teen :P Now I have to hatch with myself again and hope for the best. The new egg however has lots of spots for Drop It to be in and there are only 2 slots for Life Proof to sneak in. I think this one will manifest Sprite and Drop It.

    In other stuff I soloed Malistare today on a level 58 Death which if I do say so myself is impressive. I got a Fire Robe, Storm Athame and Life Ring. I really wanted Myth or ...
  2. Pets

    by , 6-10-12 at 12:57:42 AM (The World of Insanity)
    Okay so I really love pets. Its probably not a secret to those who know me. But until know I havent had an interest in talents really. So I am trying to get a pet with Proof Defy Spritely and something else good... I raised my buddy with Defy Spritely and Cloud o Bugs to epic and it got Death Shield.
    I dont even know where it came from and it was such a let down when I got it. Now I am trying to find proof so I can get that talent. I have it on a firecat along with unicorn but Snow n Tell ...
  3. lalala first time in the arena

    Won my first match C: with great help from my fire minion.. Alex would be so proud xD (probably not but still..)
    Wizzy related
  4. Done with high school, but I will return to Wizard101

    by , 6-9-12 at 11:53:16 PM (I have a bad feeling about this)
    [SIZE="5"]As of a few days ago, I am done with high school, I graduated with high honors (Judging by my GPA). The funny thing is that I didn't participate in the ceremony (Which was today) for many reasons (Money not being one of them). I guess college is my next obstacle, and I will see through it with. Also, I will be returning to try to get through Avalon, but I need to get a subscription or something. Will be glad if I had help getting through.

    Also, taking rotisserie ...

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  5. I guess this is an update? I don't really know anymore.

    by , 6-9-12 at 11:03:28 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So I don't really know what to write about here todayyy, but I felt the need to update this lil' bloggie.
    I guess I'll just give y'all an update on my life? This should be boring haha.

    So this coming week is finals week, wooo. I'm not too worried, since I'm pretty much done with the harder portions of them already [chem lab, english essay, french oral] &&my last day of finals is literally ONLY my free block, so I'm not even coming in to school like the rebel I am. ...