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  1. Wii Wi-fi Games Question, and other misc.

    Well, after wondering forever on how to do it.. I finally figured out my code thingy for Brawl! If you want it, just VM or PM me asking for it, and I shall PM it back to ya.

    So, are there any other good games that I can play online?

    Ones that I know:
    AC:City Folk

    I know alot.. lol

    On to other misc!

    Well, today it rained. A lot.. so I was stuck indoors . But, it's Sunday, so I'll live. School is coming up ...
  2. My New Desert Villa

    [FONT=Century Gothic][B]Right on the same day of my Summer Bash, I bought my new castle! It was a complete act of coincidence, since today there is another party. We needed a place to host it, and now we have one! I can't believe it, it's perfect and came at the best time (:[/B][/FONT]

    [FONT=Century Gothic][B]It's beautiful, and one of the most enormous castles (: It took me a good 10 minutes to find all the different hallways and secret passage ways. It's a castle of mystery (:[/B][/FONT] ...
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  3. My Myth Wizard and Twilight's W101 Party!

    Myth - First time I tried it, had the wrong gear, had the wrong secondary, it was plain out: boring. I tried my best to push on, but at level 10, he was deleted.

    2 days ago: I embarked on a new quest. A new myth wizard, with a better secondary, better gear, and I must say: I'm loving every minute of it. I love the minions, they help alot! Cyrus is funny, he made you go get his dry-cleaning, and he makes things up (truffula leaves ).

    I will have daily updates about ...
  4. PvP Deck Set-Ups. Final

    by , 8-9-09 at 12:04:30 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Alright guys so I am willing to make a few deck set ups for the needy people. I will only do set-ups for levels 48-50 so that you have all the school spells.

    I will also do only a couple per school.

    If you want a set-up post your school, and what you spent your training points on. Also include if you are going to use it for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
    P.S. I will make these using a 55 card school deck. so if you have the 60 card one, add what you please to fill up ...
  5. 8/8/09- Misc.

    Today, some Central members and I decided to duel against each other, which my team lost. It wasn't a close duel, but we still had fun. When we were done, Blake asked if I wanted to duel, it was me vs. his death wizard, Blake won. After that, I dueled his storm, again, I lost. Third time around, I dueled his fire wizard. Guess who won? Blake :P. Today was a good day, I only spent time on the computer though, but I guess real life can wait ;). Today ended with me letting my pet lizard (named Blenda) ...

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