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  1. Old Banner, New Banner...

    by , 6-11-12 at 7:36:01 PM (Cooltoy's Blog!)
    Yep, I changed my banners. The old one was this, made by [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259697"]Mr.Fred[/URL].
    The new one, which is this, was made by [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290698"]Autumn Ice[/URL].
  2. First Entry, and OMG school's almost out! YAY!!

    by , 6-11-12 at 7:20:55 PM (Little Forest Blog :))
    So this is my first entry on my new blog here on Central. This is my first real blog, so I'm new at this. Any way school is almost out for the summer. Now I can write, play, swim, look for a job, and basically do whatever I want for two months!!!! I'm actually taking part of the summer to finish The Theurgist Diaries, write more of Blind, and write more of a book I'm working on.
  3. I think bugs are hating on me Dx

    So yesterday I was outside all day (like usual) so me and my friends left the computer room and went out to play. Me and my one friend were chasing eachother on scooters (xD) and we went down hill. I didnt have time to turn and there was this light post, so not to hit it i leaned to the right to missed. I went into the rocks and put my foot down. Some how a bee gets in my flip-flop, So i sit down thinking its a thorn but i take the shoe off and a bee falls out of it. I stare at it freaked out. My ...
  4. Crafting

    by , 6-11-12 at 1:02:44 AM (The World of Insanity)
    [CENTER][COLOR=black]Howdy y'all :D So I know my last blog post was about the Celestian Observatory but this one is just crafting in general. So I kinda wanted to share what I am crafting and on which wizard :D It seems silly but you, the reader, can read it and be like "Hey I crafted that/am crafting that and you can give some pointers or be like "I am crafting that too." Mainly its because I want too o:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#9932cc]Crafting ...
  5. Latest Display of Insanity :DDD

    by , 6-10-12 at 11:44:12 PM (The World of Insanity)
    [CENTER]So today I was farming Jotun with my storm and ice for the Lifebat on my storm so he could improve it. So I killed Jotun and my ice, my main who has all my pets, got a Red Cap. :D yay!
    So I went to my house dedicated to crowns and hybrids and put it with all my other crowns pets. To my utter horror it says "You cannot place anymore of that item."
    I started freaking out and almost hyperventialted on the inside. But then I was like "Imma craft the Celestian Observatory ...