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  1. What's up with the annoying sand!

    Hi guys, this is my first blog, so be easy on me.

    Anyway, after finally becoming a Magus at level thirty, I felt halfway done with the game. With level sixty. Get it. Thirty half of sixty. Sense I only have 435 crowns, and only brought Hyde Park, Regent Square, Wolfminster Abbey, Royal Museum, and Diggmore Station, I don't have any way to do the main storylines for Marleybone.
    I didn't defeat Krokopatra or go to Karahann(I will newver spell it right)Palace, Tomb ...
  2. September

    by , 9-6-12 at 6:48:14 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    There are a lot of reasons to like September..
    [LIST][*]It's the start of the fall season[*]It means cooler weather and not super sizzling hot days[*]It means I can wear my sweater more[*]It's also the month of my birthday (:[/LIST]
    I seriously cannot wait for September 21st!! So exciting!

    Here's a fun picture for people:


    *On a random wizard101 ...
  3. This blog post does not deserve to be read. Please don't bother it.

    Whats up?
    [I]The sky.[/I]

    :sorry: for not writing anything on my blog for a long time.

    Actually, I don't think anyone even cared. I mean, nobody ever reads this anyway. I only get 100 views on my funniest posts and almost none on all my other ones.

    Wait a second!

    You know you played too much Wizard101 when you travel around the world and if someone asks you what you are doing you say "I am looking for beetles."

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