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  1. It's finally spring break!

    by , 3-10-10 at 8:25:48 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    I just love spring break! One and a half week of no school, no homework, and no teachers to "boss" you around. Basically I will get to just sit around and have fun! Well, technically I still have some homework to do because apparently not every teacher think the same thing... Anyway, I have a to do list for myself and it is quite long, at least in my opinion it is. [LIST=1][*]Revise Flowers for My Brother[*]Read the Darkest Power series (again)[*]Farm for life deck and life sword[*]Work ...

    Updated 3-10-10 at 11:49:42 PM by FuzzyWuzzy

  2. Six Digits

    My Ice wizard finally reached the 100,000 gold milestone. Thanks to those nice 'n' wealthy Gurtoks. So... If any Stormzilla wants to try for the first Live recorded ICEzilla, and has Adult+ and the gold, you know where to find the needed Colossus.


    *Slaps forehead*

    On second thought, I have a Colossus to mix with Stormzilla
  3. Celestia Quests, Confirmed!!

    by , 6-20-10 at 4:02:42 AM (The Daily Drake)
    Celestia has a confirmed questline now, or at least prequests in order to obtain access to Celestia. Willowdreamer found this in a Beckett Magazine, along with pictures! It concerns Celestia, and some bad guys you have to knock into next week to get there.

    Here is a link to the thread, [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77533"]On the Trail to Celestia[/URL], but I will post what the magazine said here in case you have a slow internet connection ...
  4. Top 10 spells in Wizard101

    by , 7-14-10 at 11:36:41 PM (Notes Written By An Onion)
    Hello everyone! To add to the entertainment value of my blog, I've decided to periodically post a "Top 10 list" about various things in Wizard101. This week, the topic is:
    "Top 10 spells in Wizard101"

    [B]#10: Time of Legend, Wyldfire, Balefrost, Darkwind
    [/B]All of these spells have one thing in common: they all boost damage, and they all have a cool bubbly look to them. Why are they so good, again? Oh yeah, as long as you have your school's bubble ...

    Updated 7-15-10 at 6:19:38 PM by Onion Knight

  5. Top 10 instance areas in Wizard101

    by , 7-20-10 at 3:29:27 PM (Notes Written By An Onion)
    When you saw this title on the blogs home page, you were probably like, "Yay! Onion finally decided to get back to his Top 10 lists and not boring PvP updates!" Don't deny it, I know you did. ;) So I'm back, yes. It's been hard for me to find time to write up a list of this size, between my real life and arena tournaments. Fortunately, I've found some time today to pull together another top 10 list. Just so you know, this list [B][U]does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.[/U][/B] ...

    Updated 7-20-10 at 7:44:13 PM by Onion Knight

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