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  1. what these words mean

    i have this on full blast at the moment ^
    i quite like it

    this isn't about wiz, this isn't about how my day was.
    this is about lifestyle, how you chose to spend every waking hour of your day and why.
    this is about what i've discovered the past week or so and how i almost feel changed because of it.
    this is the end of a mindless girl just getting by and finally living.

    if you don't like weird ...
  2. my brain is deceptive

    i'm re-writing this because my brain exploded on my screen and it resulted in a horrible mess.
    please hold.

    alright so this quitting/hiatus/lolnope lasted about two weeks and i'll give myself some credit.
    i lasted longer than i expected.
    at first i wasn't going to give in to my internal pleading but i'm a wimp so.
    honestly i made a big deal out of leaving because i really thought i would be fine without this.
    but it just wasn't the same.
    it's ...

    Updated 2-16-13 at 12:22:12 AM by Adder

  3. tmi sunday?

    a couple months ago i did a tmi tuesday, which was basically a huge questionnaire on things about myself.
    and because i'm really bored and home alone i felt like doing another one.
    but shorter.
    i tried finding one with stuff i haven't talked about before.
    so thanks tumblr.

    moving on.
    some of them i've reworded to be central 'appropriate' since talking about relationships on here is like mega awkward and no one really cares ...

    Updated 5-5-13 at 1:07:31 PM by Adder

  4. merlin loves

    merlin. merlin. merlin. merlin. merlin. merlin.
    i've currently watch 1 and a half seasons of merlin in a week like idk whats wrong with me i kinda wanna finish the second season today since i've already watched like 8 episodes because i have no life.

    look at how adorable that is.
    can we not.
    can we just.
    ok. ...

    Updated 5-25-13 at 8:02:55 PM by Adder

  5. pinterest picks

    happy memorial day!
    even though today is a time to remember those who were lost in service, i hope you all are having a wonderful day so far.
    i have to leave for work in about an hour and wanted to get in a lil bloggy blog before i left since i won't be home till later.

    some news before i jump into my post.
    i've started playing wiz again. i thought that since summer is coming up i can catch up on everything lvl 60 and above (since i don't know anything beyond that) ...
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