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  1. Quit.

    by , 4-21-11 at 5:35:59 PM (Thoughts of me myself and I)
    So yes it's finally came I quit wizard101 i've quit for a while and now i'm telling u. so yeah. I will play wizards occasionally but from now on ROBLOX add me if you play i'm bugg1102 :meuh:
  2. The Lord of Necromancy's Story Index

    by , 4-21-11 at 2:33:12 PM (The Lord of Necromancy's Deathly Blog.)
    [quote=The Lord of Necromancy;1958549][CENTER]The Lord of Necromancy's Story Index[/CENTER]

    [CENTER][URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155180jared+soulthief"]The Amazing Tales of Jared Soulthief[/URL]

    [SIZE=1]A Tale of my Wizard Jared Soulthief, On his way to saving the World.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
    That's right, I have my own Story Index. :) Anyone can be in it. Just post ...
  3. A Central Goal

    by , 4-21-11 at 5:23:17 AM (A Dark Blog)
    From now on I will try to put at least 1 smiley in every post I make to make them more eye catching.
  4. My first Blog.

    by , 4-20-11 at 10:04:09 PM (The Lord of Necromancy's Deathly Blog.)
    This is my 1st ever Blog! First subscription, First everything! I hope you guys enjoy this blog as much as I will. :)
  5. My Friend user page

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