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  1. Spring Break is finally upon me, and a question to all who have viewed my blog

    by , 4-22-11 at 11:59:23 PM (I have a bad feeling about this)
    [SIZE=4]Woohoo, its Spring Break. Now I get to be annoyed by my brothers for a week, how fun is that? I just hope I can get a good amount of sleep during the week, I need the rest. I also would like to ask whomever looks at my blog, "Do you look at my random fact box?" I'm just curious.:rpg031: Feel free to post a comment[/SIZE]

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  2. Is There A Cure For Craziness?

    by , 4-22-11 at 8:54:23 PM (Beneath the Black Robes)
    I've been so busy on Wizard101 lately! I think I'm going crazy!

    Symptoms: Tired Eyes, overworked pets and fingers, excessive earning and spending of gold.
  3. Events and Contests!!!

    by , 4-22-11 at 5:56:19 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    [CENTER]First off, Happy Earth Day to everyone!!! (:


    Back on topic, looks like Central is quite full with events and contests/giveaway. Be sure to check out the [URL=""]Event Calendar[/URL] and see if you can participate in any.

    April 23 [4:00pm CST]
    [B]Epic Easter ...

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  4. Finally!

    by , 4-22-11 at 3:12:24 PM (Artemis's Celestial Blog)
    After WEEKS of farming, I finally get Forest Spirit's Cap of Belief from Oakheart! Thank you to Scarlet Ravenflame (not sure if she has a Central) for joining me in the last few battles.

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  5. The Curse of Wizard Weekly?

    by , 4-22-11 at 12:01:02 PM (Musings of the Decoy Healer)
    I swear this segment is cursed. The Beta didn't want to happen, the program I was using at the time, Wax 2.0, kept crashing at every corner and in the end it rendered horibally. I moved along to Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 which dosn't have a good option for rendering to the internet, so the first episode kept me up until midnight trying to find a rendering option that was high quality and low size. The second video was almost late because I'd forgotten to set my alarmclock and didn't get up till noon ...