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  1. because we ALL love a good steak...

    by , 4-28-11 at 5:56:49 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So hi, im feeling random x] which is the BEST way to feel, duh.

    so anyway, i was just thinking about how we can't eat food in game D: and i got really hungry with this intense, burning, crazy, ravenous, a tad rabid, craving for STEAK<3

    so dig in, everyone!

    it's filet mignon (;
    and yes,i am aware that it looks a little dry D:

    nomnomnom<3 ...
  2. Hi Everyone!

    by , 4-28-11 at 5:23:28 PM (Bluepen19's blog! :D)
    Well, I guess this is my first blog post. Haha. After how many years I've been here?
    Apparently, this is supposed to be mainly about Wizard101 related, but I don't play it anymore uhh yeaah. I promise I put some old pictures someday (if I can find them). Yup this was my lame greeting.
  3. List of reagents

    by , 4-28-11 at 2:16:46 PM (The Blogginess)
    It's been a long time since I posted in my blog. I probably won't be using it much from now on, mostly for notes to myself, like this one. This is a list of the reagents I'll need to craft the new WT stuff I like:

    16 ghost fire -check-
    39 pristine vial -check-
    6 sunstone -check-
    18 nightshade -check-
    16 spring -check-
    24 acorn -check-
    18 fish fin -check-
    51 frost flower -check-
    36 diamond -check-
    15 ancient scroll -check-
    3 ...

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  4. The history of the deck

    by , 4-28-11 at 8:57:00 AM (the wand & the deck)
    today we will be talking about the deck

    the deck history:
    As you all know merle ambrose gives you a deck when you start out in wizard101 having a deck must be and i repeat MUST be on top of your priorteys because some novince wizards(wizards that just started out) lose there deck by selling them in mistake and because of that happning wizard101 did an update you cant sell your deck without having an extra deck in your backpack decks store your cards in battle some ppl have alot ...
  5. Thunder o;

    by , 4-28-11 at 7:30:26 AM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Wow! So here, I woke up, and there is huge thunder and lightning! It freaked me out the first time! Lolz

    And now, it's raining in sheets! And I have a big, outdoor camp this weekend!

    EDIT:: Now it's sunny! O= Wacky Canadian weather..........