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  1. PC Hatching Schedule

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    April 29th - May 5th
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    All hatches will be held in realm Unicorn.

    II. Please make sure to bring at least 60k & an available timer.

    III. Let me know your chosen time at least an hour before the hatch, or you will not be scheduled. Times listed are in MST(Mountain Standard Time). Need help converting times?

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  2. Hatchout 1/1-1/4

    • Queen Bo The Storm Wartle

    1.Take a look at the schedule

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    Pet Hatches
  3. Hatching Schedule 12/31/17 - 01/06/18

    Tvelocity's Hatching Schedule
    This schedule is for my pets on the Pet Central threads.
    Feel free to look us up under the Pet Section to request.

    Week of 12/31/17 - 1/6/18
    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. View the times listed below.
    All times follow Eastern Standard

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  4. [12.31.17] Hatching Schedule

    by , 12-27-17 at 3:09:41 PM (A Recollection of Hatches)


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  5. A very merry unbirthday to you!

    Did one hatch and got this:

    I had this in my bag for when myth boon was found:

    So you can see what I will use to mix the pets together the only thing I am stipulating on myself is I don't want a medusa back so any 20hr eggs I will trash automatically. I don't really like the turtle card but I am too lazy ...

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    Owling Around