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  1. My First Blog Post

    After several weeks of unfulfilled desires of me wanting to tweet something Wizard101-related but not having access to my Wizard101 Twitter (if someone happens to know my Twitter password, hit me up because apparently.... I don't), I decided a blog was the next best thing. I can already tell you this is going to me rambling on about what I'm currently trying to accomplish in the Spiral, but it will probably be amusing, so enjoy :)

    If you ever see me gallivanting about the Spiral, make ...

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  2. Making a pet from scratch

    Well awhile back I was talking to Marcuswavetame in the hatchery and he wanted to learn how to make a pet from scratch. Well I am going to to do my best to document all my hatches making a life quint damage pet and then post it on the pet guides so people like Marcus can see just another person's approach to making pets.

    So goal: quint life damage.
    My stipulation: I never try to use the same pet twice for instance. I won't make another forest beast pet ever because I want variety ...

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  3. Death Project Part 3

    Being almost done with my thread hatches, I figured I would start on death damage once again. Going for death quad (hopefully) but will settle for triple/proof/defy or fairy.

    My triple damage base kept getting GW and would not transfer pain so I ditched it and decided to re-manifest pain.

    King Peanut here did very well in test, so I decided to use it as a base.


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  4. C'est mon anniversaire!

    by , 7-1-15 at 9:55:48 AM (The World of Insanity)
    It's my birthday! Woo one year older and still as tired and not ready for the future as I was yesterday lol.
  5. Out With The Old, In With The New

    As of the recent update, max stats have risen to go above 250, and it made many people mad because they would have to work and revamp all their pet to be max stated again.
    My question to you is do you like change, what are your opinions on it, what changes have happened in your life recently that you like or dislike?
    Personally not many changes have happened in my life and thats fine with me. I am usually fine with change if it is not super drastic or it can be beneficial to me. An ...

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