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  1. Bringing Childhood Memories Back - The Future of my Wizards

    by , 8-11-15 at 8:36:53 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I didn't start playing this game until I was about 13 years old, I've done a lot of growing up since then. Needless to say, I've been wanting to bring back my characters from their dead coffins and play a game that has relaxing qualities to it yet possesses a challenge that I may never overcome (i.e. Chrysalis Part 2 and beyond). I've gotten used to the rated T-M games and I haven't had a desire to come back.

    I miss playing around with pets and gardening. I miss walking into my wizard ...
  2. No one is probably reading this but...

    I am bored.

    It's been three years since I last posted and that's a lot of time. I just read some of my entries and I got to admit that it made me cry a little inside.

    Three years ago, I was starting freshmen and now, three years later from three years ago, I am about to start the senior year. My, how time passes by. Anyway, I just want to post another entry for this blog, but since no one would probably read this, it won't matter. Actually, maybe it will. The future ...
  3. Ayyyyyy

    So, this is my legacy. This little box I hope no one sees haha.

    So I've been on League for about an year now. I miss Wiz but obviously, I don't want to say what I've already said. The game is just something I do not want to go back to. I used to hide behind in a curtain of Wiz when I played it, never accepted my life, it's time I moved on.

    It was January 1st, 2012, when I got my Wizard101 Membership, that to August 20th, 2014, were 2 years of ups and downs, and I miss so ...
  4. Making a pet from scratch 2

    Here is a link to part one:

    If this part I am now raising stats to the new maxed stats and trying to keep my talents of damage as I go.

    Hatch one is to try and get a damage talent popping and the stats to raise.


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  5. Taylor Hawkthorn

    I feel compelled to post progress on my Wizard so YAY time for some blog posting.

    First Up, Here's my Wizard:

    And stats as of right now:

    I'm also feeling pretty good with my Badge Progress:

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